whynot, rockband, whynot rockband
whynot, rockband, whynot rockband
New EP Single out on downloads on 15th May 2017 featuring singer Paul Bridgwater plus video on youtube plus bonus track Feat: Dani Buro Endstation
New EP Single coming out on downloads worldwide on 16th June Sexy Woman contains explicit lyrics rock on!



WHY NOT welcomes Alex K. as new singer in the band and his debut Single "Are We Going Down" is released worldwide on downloads online on 14th April 2017. (EP Single Picture above with 4 mixes).

New Video just released on Youtube for this track:



New sexy video from Why Not - Don´t Get Enough (with Paul Bridgwater on vocals) on Youtube under just released April 2017. EP Single on downloads worldwide with 4 mixes of the same track plus a bonus track a drum solo from Dani Buro available on downloads on 15th May 2017.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGb01EQZRXI  Directed by Dirk Buro


Geoff "Mad Dog" Horgan (guitarist from Why Not)  Dj´s a internet Radio Show on monday nights starting at 9pm UK Time all in English language the direct link is: http://www.streamlions.net/newplayer  


Just coming out on downloads a few new EP Singles "Mosing" featuring vocalist Paul Bridgwater on Vocals, "Stay Calm" vocals by Geoff "Mad Dog" Horgan, plus an instrumental album "Are We", and on 14th April 2017 new EP Single "Are We Going Down". 


For direct links to Why Not´s Albums and Singles please go to LINKS above and there you can hear WHY NOT´s music, and stream or download their tracks or albums. Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, in 240 countries of the world etc.


Other news below:


The WHY NOT Video FEAR from their album "Drifting" (released 2014) also for viewing on Youtube at the following link:



Also on youtube  "What We´re Doing"  from the "Rock On" (2012) Album under :



WHY NOT is and always was an Independent Rock Band so if you like any of our songs please buy them and please don´t illegally download them, because it´s killing the music industry and our music as well, we appreciate those that support legal downloading Thank You!

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